The Elephant in the Room

California's fiscal mess continues to worsen thanks to the anti-tax, anti-government policies of the GOP.  Read all about it: http://www.eastbayexpress.com/gyrobase/the-elephant-in-the-room/Content?oid=2938473&showFullText=true

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Anonymous said...

Reagan is not a hero to the average American. What he said he stood for and what he did were two completely different things. He is partly responsible for the mess we are In today. He started the changing of banking regulations that helped us get into the mess we are in today. Average American is fed up with blatant and criminal over taxing of the American people. Republicans simply filling a void for the average American. Average Americans know republicans are not for them, its just that the democrats are so much worse. So its not the republicans doing this, its the average American who is so sick of it all and republicans are smart enough to jump on their bandwagon. So if you think more taxes are the answer, wake th f up. We Americans have had enough theft of our hard earned money so get over it! No more taxes means no more theft! No more supporting those who won't work and just want to suck off the government tit.