Moving to a new blog

I've been blogging from this address since 2006, but am changing sites.

You can now follow my research and writing on Pueblo Lands, a blog that will be much more focused on politics and economics in California's Bay Area. Stay tuned by following me on Twitter where I'll post updates.

"Pueblo lands" refers to one of the earliest and most formative political struggles in California's history when the state's existing urban commons, organized by the Spanish and later Mexican governments and protected by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, were illegally sold off to a handful of wealthy Anglo speculators. Los Angeles, San Diego, and most of all San Francisco lost an immense opportunity to found themselves on common wealth in public land, to provide housing security for their residents, and develop cities to benefit workers rather than real estate capital. Instead an injustice was perpetuated, albeit in a new form, upon the genocide of California's native peoples.

My renewed focus on the San Francisco Bay Area is motivated by a desire to critique the existing political economy, and to hint at what's still possible.