"god" comes down to earth one night

“god” comes down to earth one night, surreptitiously. A man walking down the street approaches. “god” heard through the great eternal grapevine that the humans, some of them with airs, wrote book claiming “God” —some big benevolent and ass kicking white guy in the sky— made them in his image and did a bunch of other crazy and messed up things like kill his own son to teach the humans... okay, enough of that, you get the point, probably cause you're one of them whether you want to be or not. It's a crazy boat you're in, human. The ideological goop is so thick it sticks to you no matter if you try to shake it off.

So “god” is here to check out the results of what then has to be the most narcissistic culture ever produced. The only problem is that nature, the great eternal unwinding fantastical grapevine, has a lag time, of a couple thousand years at least. Humans are really good at telescoping things, speeding them up. so “god” don't know anymore which “God” to even look for.

god [now in the form of a human being, how's that for irony?] walks right on up to the man approaching and says, “hey, uh....” Well, yeah, what do you say? How do you begin a conversation about some really heavy stuff, your species being, the identity, and the future of “civilization,” on the street, at 10pm, while this poor guy is probably headed home? The stranger, a human being, does what any well-adjusted person of this culture, time, and place would; he looks slightly curious, annoyed, suspicious, pulls out some change and hands it to “god.”

“Here buddy.” He walks off.

Yes, curious, annoyed, suspicious, pulls out some change, and hands it to the stranger, who he doesn't know is “god,” by why should that matter anyhow?

god concludes that had she created this culture she'd sooner kill herself. Then again she just might be doing that. Thank god, or God, or whoever that culture isn't nature, it's man and woman made and unmade and changeable, and we really could get rid of money and all the other creepy spooky monsters holding us back from really good free living.

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