Most Ecocidal University

I co-wrote the following essay roughly 18 months ago, as a draft of a chapter in a forthcoming book on the role of modern research universities in developing the technical intellectual resources that enable global capitalist imperialism.

The book focuses particularly on the University of California and its relationship with the nuclear weapons development labs at Los Alamos, NM, and Livermore, CA. Our intention in publishing it at Indybay is to generate a greater level of critical reflection and discussion concerning the dominant role of the politics of “greening” and communitarian “collaboration-with-decision-makers” approaches that characterize campus-based environmental organizations as well as an increasing number of those in the greater American body politic. We hope that many activists read this essay.

Big ups to my writing partner, intellectual co-conspirator, and dearest friend Will Parrish - Boom!, there he is.

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