UC Nuke Free…

I was arrested last Thursday by UC police officers and cited on charges of “failure to disperse.” I was cuffed and “processed,” as the officers called it in the basement of Covel Commons at UCLA along with 8 friends.

The charge of failure to disperse is so arbitrary and meaningless. The 9 of us had decided to attend the UC Regents’ meeting at UCLA (with three other key supporters) in order to speak up against the UC Regents management of the nation’s two primary nuclear weapons research and design labs. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, but this time we decided to take a stand. We were not going to allow the Regents to move forward and take care of any lab related business.

So you can imagine what happened next. The Regents slipped out the back of the room and let the police loose on us. To their credit the police who dealt with us were very kind. They are only doing their jobs. I doubt any of them believe in the nuclear weapons mission that they were made to protect on this day. I only hope that their beliefs in a world without nuclear weapons will lead them in the future to question their roles as protectors of these weapons. Those police who were involved in the tasering of a UCLA student the day before, however, are cruel and deserve to be fired for their violent outburst. Hopefully this will lead to the banning of tasers at UC campuses as well as a more thorough investigation of the rise in police violence against students over the past few years.

There’s been a lot of Indymedia coverage of the anti-nuclear weapons action including photos and video which you can check out here: http://indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/17/18330589.php

The next UC Regents meeting is in January at UCSF. See you there?

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Anonymous said...

Typical, liberal idealism. I stumbled upon your pathetic excuse for a blog trying to find out why my friend was encouraging the boycott of Conquest Corp and I was so irritated by this article that I actually decided to take the time out of my day to deconstruct your pathetic argument against UC campus police and nuclear weapons. First and foremost, sure, we can all agree that the world would be a better place without nuclear weapons. However, one must also ask themselves if this is truly possible. If the rest of the world continues to develop nuclear weapons is it worth it to sacrifice our own security for the better humanity of the world? Throughout history weaker countries have been overtaken by more powerful ones, this is the rule of warfare. Are you really willing to die for this cause? Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of everyone around you as well? If you can honestly answer yes to those questions then I not only question your ethics (not to mention your loyalty to your friends)but also your sanity, and you continue to propagate my hatred and disbelief of die hard leftists such as yourself. Second of all, with regards to the guy getting tasered in the library, he was clearly resisting arrest! How was the actions of those officers not within the confines of the law?!?! The entire country saw that video on utube and anyone with half a brain saw that the officers acted appropriately.